In light of the murders committed in Paris France today, by Muslims, it has become readily apparent that  they are willing to kill non-Muslims and non-conforming Muslims whenever, wherever and however they can. They, the terrorist Muslims seek to cause harm and disrupt society; and the normal lives of people. They attacked theaters, restaurants, sporting events etc. Places where people gather in large groups to enjoy themselves. To the best of my knowledge, France was very welcoming to the Muslim emigrants that flooded their country. This is how the people of France are paid back. 

It is just a matter of time before it happens  in the U.S. . 

In front of God and all People, I Joshua McFadden, pledge to always be armed, always be aware, always be prepared; all the time and everywhere. I swear that I will be willing, ready and able to intervene and sacrifice myself if necessary at any time and any place to stop those who who wish to do harm to myself, my family, my loved ones and my countrymen.

My Slogan is:  Always Armed, Always aware, All the time, Everywhere.

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