​NRA Intro and Basic Classes Offered:

  • NRA Home Firearm Safety 
  • NRA FIRST Steps Rifle, NRA FIRST Steps Pistol, NRA FIRST Steps Shotgun 
  • NRA Basic Rifle, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Shotgun
  • NRA Metallic Reloading, NRA Shotshell Reloading

Firearm Safety And Security Training Llc Class Descriptions

On March 23, 2015 Governor Beshear signed into law SB67.​​ This law changes Ky CCDW Licensing significantly; and gives YOU more options for training/ certification to obtain your Ky CCDW License. These changes go into effect July 1, 2015.

Prior to this change in law, there was only one way to get certified to obtain your Ky CCDW License. One had to take a state certification class (think traffic school) conducted by an instructor certified by the Ky Department of Criminal Justice Training. 

After July 1, 2015 a "firearms safety or training course that is conducted by a firearms instructor who is certified by a national organization that certifies firearms instructors and includes the use of written tests, in person instruction, and a component of live-fire training." will be acceptable for certification purposes.

What this means to YOU is that as far as Ky CCDW goes, you can now choose (as examples) NRA Certified Classes that include live-fire training, a FS&ST LLC Course (all of our courses meet the requirements unless otherwise stated) or the Ky DOCJT Class.

Approval Letter from KSP

The Beginner CCDW Skills Class, and the Intermediate CCDW Skills Class, offered by Firearm Safety & Security Training, LLC are recognized by the Department of Kentucky State Police (KSP) as approved CCDW license applicant training courses that meet the requirements for non-DOCJT training set forth in KRS 237.110(4)(i). 

Ky CCDW License certification in Lexington and the Central Ky area.
​CCDW training in Lexington
The following Firearm Safety and Security Training LLC classes have been approved by the Kentucky State Police CCDW Section to be used as CCDW certification classes:

Beginner CCDW Skills Class
​Intermediate CCDW Skills Class
​Introduction To Firearms Use and Ownership Class

Ky CCDW License Certification Class:​ This fine class was the De Facto certification class needed to get your ky CCDW License prior to June 24, 2015. Some information you may learn is VERY basic gun safety, storage, officer encounters, parts and pieces and everyone's favorite, gun cleaning. You also get to watch a video detailing laws pertaining to CCDW in Ky. BTW, that video is 1 hour, 57 minutes and 14 seconds of lawyers reading and explaining the KRS'. Also, it was last updated in 2009, so there have been numerous law changes since then that have not been included. (I was made aware of some mistakes in the video several years ago. But never fear, since they messed up and gave you wrong information and if you act on your understanding that the material is 100% right, DOCJT will send a lawyer to testify on your behalf...don't hold your breath.) The fine yellow manual with sharp staples you are given for the class  is complete with a near verbatum script of the legal video, writings that I am sure were plagarized from old NRA materials on gun safety, a warning on how to bow down to your masters (police officers, remember this was written by the people that train them) pen and ink drawings of guns (that aren't really seen anymore in LE circle or the CCDW community, the same with the pictures of proper grips and stances. And I thought this was 2015 with computers and stuff. It gets better folks if you take this class and the instructor fails to adequately teach a section, YOU can be charged with a FELONY or CLASS A Misdeameanor for not advising the proper LE agency of this fact. The CCDW section at DOCJT (the people who administer this little CCDW fiefdom) are VERY entrenched bureaucrats who at best are resistant to change, fail to do their job (update materials in a timely manner. Although the compliance section does their job extra well to the point of harrassment in many cases). and at worst authoracratic, and won't let any Instructor step a little outside the box to teach a modern and useful class. Did I tell you that gun cleaning they compel you to do in this level of class is more dangerous than fighting ISIL? In the words of Cartman "RESPECT MA AUTHORITA!".As for instructors, they will harrass and harangue and of course force and instructor to resign or face felony charges for the smallest of discrepancies or inelegancies  (no, they don't like cop jokes). And then do their best to suppress your Constitutionally gauranteed First Amendment right to free speech.  If you must take this travesty of a class, the regular price is $100.

Intermediate CCDW Skills Class: Prerequisites: Beginner CCDW Skills Class, Previous CCDW License Class completion or NRA Pistol Course (one)
Risk Designation: major

Course Description: This class is an intermediate level gun safety and training class taught with CCDW in mind. In it, students get a refresher on gun safety/handling and shooting fundamentals. Skills taught and practiced in this class are presentation, ready positions, reloads, use of cover / concealment, malfunction clearing, sighted / instinctive shooting and speed vs. accuracy. This class includes a written test and range qualification. The duration of this class is 8-12 hours or as needed. Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the class. This class is conducted by a firearms instructor who is certified by a national organization that certifies firearms instructors. Student provided required equipment includes: access to a mid or full-size pistol with a slide stop (certain rimfire guns ok), retention holster, belt, first aid kit 400-600 rounds of ammunition for the pistol, a minimum of 3 magazines, cleaning kit, a hat, eye and ear protection, lunch, ankle- high laceable boots. Optional but highly suggested equipment are knee pads and gloves. The majority of this class is taught on an outdoor range with uneven terrain in whatever weather we are graced with. Please dress appropriately. 

Beginner CCDW Skills Class: This class is an introductory level gun safety/ training class taught with CCDW in mind. In it, students learn gun safety and handling, proper storage and access, shooting fundamentals, carry methods, ammo basics, officer interactions, some basic gun ownership laws and where and how to apply for a ccdw license. This class includes a written test and range qualification. 5-7 hours  As of June 24, 2015, this class meets the requirements for CCDW licensure in Ky. Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the class. This class was previously FS&ST LLC's Firearm Ownership and Use Class. This class is taught by a NRA certified instructor. Student will need access to a pistol, 50 rounds of ammunition for the pistol, cleaning kit, a hat, eye and ear protection.  The regular price of this class is $100.

​Class Descriptions

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