Permitless Concealed Carry Class

Recent  SB150 is now law in Kentucky. SB150  known as the Constitutional Carry Bill or the Permitless Carry Bill will become effective in July 2019. The Legislation, once it goes into effect, will remove the requirement for residents of The Great Commonwealth of Kentucky to purchase from the Commonwealth of Kentucky a license in order to lawfully carry a concealed weapon on or about their person. 

​Firearm Safety and Security Training LLC is offering a 3 hour class designed for those wishing to practice concealed carry without a license. This class will cover subjects of interest  to those persons.

​Subjects to be covered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gun Safety
  • Safe Storage
  • Possible Civil and Legal Issues
  • Proper carry procedures
  • Where When and What you May Carry
  • Law Enforcement Encounters
  • Discussion on the Use of Force
  • Concealed Carry Resources
  • Reciprocity

The cost of the class is $35. Those who have previously had one of our certification classes may take this class for $15.

This class is NOT a CCDW Certification Class.

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Permitless CCDW Class