Q. What times do CCDW classes begin and end?

A. Generally our classes start at 9am and will be completed by 3pm. The shooting qualifications will begin around 3:30 with the first shooters leaving by 3:45.

Q. How can I contact FS&ST LLC?

A. Please call us at 859-721.0526 or email info@kygunclass.com

​On March 23, 2015 Governor Beshear signed into law SB67.​​ This law changes Ky CCDW Licensing significantly; and gives YOU more options for training/ certification to obtain your Ky CCDW License. These changes go into effect July 1, 2015.

Prior to this change in law, there was only one way to get certified to obtain your Ky CCDW License. One had to take a state certification class (think traffic school) conducted by an instructor certified by the Ky Department of Criminal Justice Training. 

After July 1, 2015 a "firearms safety or training course that is conducted by a firearms instructor who is certified by a national organization that certifies firearms instructors and includes the use of written tests, in person instruction, and a component of live-fire training." will be acceptable for certification purposes.

What this means to YOU is that as far as Ky CCDW goes, you can now choose (as examples) NRA Certified Classes that include live-fire training, a FS&ST LLC Course (all of our courses meet the requirements unless otherwise stated) or the Ky DOCJT Class.

You may take the alternative classes prior to July 1,2015 however any certificate issued would not be valid for licensing purposes until after July 1,2015.


If you have bought a Groupon voucher for a Ky CCDW License Certification Class, I will continue to honor those for the Ky DOCJT Class, the  NRA Basic Courses or FS&ST LLC Gun Training Course that will meet the requirements for certification.

Be the BAADEST sheep in the fold!

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